Five Plus Math Resources

Rates, Ratios & Proportions
Understanding Factors - Learnzillion
Ratios (definition, equivalent, word problems) -
Unit Pricing - Math Is Fun
Constant Speed - Virtual Nerd
What's a Proportion? - Virtual Nerd
Proportional Relationship (d=rt) - Learnzillion
Areas of Polygons
Perimeter Formulas - Math is Fun
Area of a Rectangle explanation and questions - Math is Fun
Area of a Right Triangle Explanation - Math is Fun
Area of a Parallelogram Explanation - Math is Fun
Area of any triangle - Teacher's Choice
please note PERPENDICULAR height
Area of a Trapezoid Tutorial - Virtual Nerdl
Area of a Complex Figure Tutorial - SchoolTube
Graphing Polygons on the Coordinate Plane Tutorial - Learnzillion -
Operations with Whole Numbers,
Fractions and Decimals
Introduction to Multiplying Decimals - Khan Academy
Decomposing Simple Fractions - Learnzillion
Decomposing Fractions - Khan Academy
Relating, Composing, and Decomposing Decimals and Fractions
Multiplying Fractions and Dividing with Fractions and Whole Numbers
Dividing a Fraction by a Fraction
Surface Areas of Pyramids and Prisms
Surface Area of a Rectangle Tutorial - Khan Academy
Surface Area of a Rectangle Explanation & Activity - Learner
Surface Area Explanation - Rectangular and Triangular Prisms - Shmoop
Nets for Pyramids - Learner
Surface Area of a Pyramid - Youtube
Expressions and Equations
Writing, Interpreting and Analyzing Expressions
Order of Operations - Math Goodies
Equivalent Expressions
Representing and Describing Quantitative Relationships
Expressions with Exponents - Khan Academy
Commutative Property Tutorial - Learnzillion
Solving Equations and Inequalities
Volume of a Rectangular Prism
Volume of a Rectangular Prism Tutorial - Khan Academy
Practice Problems - volume of rectangular prisms - Math Warehouse
Analyzing Statistics
Dot Plot Explanation - Math is Fun
Histogram Explanation - Math is Fun
Mean Tutorial - The Animated Classroom
Quartiles Explanation - Math is Fun
Box Plot Tutorial - Khan Academy
Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) student video
Rational Numbers and the Coordinate
Quadrants Tutorial - Khan Academy
Rational Numbers - Learnzillion
Interactive Rectangle - Math Open Reference